Social Media

The digital reputation and positioning on the Internet are built on what a brand wants to project and what people say and share about it in the network.

In ASECOM we want to build the digital reputation of our clients through implementing online public relations consultancies that create digital meeting spaces between our customers and their communities of interest, and corporate positioning image also consistent in the network.

We generate conversations about your company or institution in the network and develop digital media strategies to promote positive online reputation of brands and connect them with their customers.

We manage online public relations to identify digital leaders and the right space to promote a brand on the network.

How do we achieve it:

  • We define the line of identity for your Facebook, twitter and web.
  • We identify your objectives and your audience.
  • We create content, publish them and bring them to life.
  • We develop advertising on the web or help your company to appear well positioned in Google, (SEO and SEM Actions).
  • We will be your eyes and ears: we will be actively monitoring to control people who speak or publish information about your business on social networks.