Training Sessions For Spokespersons

An effective communication is nowadays an imperative for business, social or political leaders. Therefore, it is essential to know the appropriate expression techniques and resources in the presence of press, radio and television.

ASECOM teaches individual and group courses, in which the spokesperson of an institution or company, receives exhaustive theoretical and practical training, learning to cope with the media. It addresses diverse genres: interviews, statements, debates... with well renowned radio and television professionals. We initiate managers in the basics of the mass media communication.

Our courses are an effective coaching for executives, as we guide them to face from the simplest to the most complex communication situations. Through this training, our clients learn the codes of the media and the main techniques to effectively interact with them. In addition, our clients develop new communication skills, verbal and nonverbal, fundamental to lead an organization.

Some of our courses are:

  • Spokesperson training
  • Communication skills training program
  • Leadership and communication training program