Press office

Press, radio, television and online media have their own internal rules. To access them, you have to know how to detect what may interest them.

In ASECOM we channel and coordinate relations with the media to create news through a suitable approach to information, developing press releases, arranging interviews, writing articles, organizing press conferences... We provide permanent advice.
We track information and evaluate the results in order to take more effective actions.

In one word, ASECOM facilitates and plans to develop a "tailor made" media campaign.

How do we achieve it:

  • We advise our clients in defining the content and format to help to achieve comprehensive objectives.
  • We work with them in developing messages to arrive in a clear and effective way to our target audience.
  • We constantly monitor the environment in which our customers move to prevent or manage crises effectively, while we detect opportunities for news or business for them.
  • We support our customers in the selection and training of spokespersons.
  • We identify the most suitable media for the dissemination of messages in order to achieve the desired effect.
  • We make the most of the communication actions of our customers.